About Us

Hello, thank you for being here.

We are sisters Amy and Kim, the women, mothers and makers behind 78 Acre Woods.

Together, we create Alberta grass-fed, pasture raised tallow skincare.

Growing up on a grain farm in East Central Alberta we always felt a pull towards plants and learning more about the native plants in our area. We both currently live in rural Alberta and enjoy incorporating local plants in our products, many of which we plant or grow ourselves. 

Together we have a deep rooted passion for all things health and wellness, and often spend countless hours researching products, ingredients and deciphering labels. Ok, we’re not that boring, but we often joke that we are “grandmas at heart.” We love gardening, creating and learning new things, and we think some things are better the old fashioned way, like skincare. 

We found tallow while searching for a healthy way to nourish our skin without unnecessary chemicals or added fragrances. Tallow is also a wonderful way to use suet (beef fat) that would otherwise be going to waste. We believe in respecting the whole animal that has been harvested, which is why tallow was a perfect fit.